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My name is Raaginni, I am Tarot reader with more than 10 years of experience and have done over 1000 tarot readings.

You can choose one of these packages.

Each package requires birth details. Further instructions & contact number will be sent after booking. I will contact you if I need further clarification.
Each reading will be very detailed and all details will be shared on a phone call.

Tarot Reading

  • 3 questions
  • 1 general reading
  • Angel card reading
  • Life purpose reading

Astrology + tarot pacakge

  • 3 questions
  • 1 general reading​
  • Astrology Reading
  • Mahadasha Reading
  • Antardasha Reading
  • Transit Reading
  • Vedic Remedies

Numerology Reading

  • Personal Numerology Chart with fate number & destiny number & lucky number
  • Pinnacle number
  • Personalized annual reading
  • Name analysis & correction
  • Soul Urge Number

You can book a reading using the calendar below

Reviews from my clients

  • positive review  want to knw about future & their are no good incomes taking place financially .

    Seema Bhakta Avatar Seema Bhakta
    May 2, 2020

    positive review  Unlike most astrologers and tarot readers, Raaginni actually devotes her complete attention in understanding your situation. I am extremely grateful to her for her honest advise and she has been my guide for few years now. Highly recommended.

    Sandeep David Avatar Sandeep David
    September 10, 2019

    positive review  I had an awesome reading session with Raaginni.She was able to quickly put her finger on somethings which had been bothering me for sometime and needed clarity.She addressed all my queries with absolute calmness.Cheers to Raaginni and our sessions in future!!!

    Amruta Nair Avatar Amruta Nair
    October 3, 2019
  • positive review  At the foremost let me begin by saying that I have had the privilege of consulting some of the best tarot readers in the country over the couple of years. I was totally taken aback with the positivity in the readings and accuracy. I have always believed that there needs to be a strong connection between the reader and the client to ensure positive results. I found raaginni exceptional in her readings and will definitely consult her in the future. She has found her fan in me. Please keep up the good work and stay humble and approachable in your long and successful career. Wishing you all the positivity and best wishes.

    Sarvesh Sirwaikarr Avatar Sarvesh Sirwaikarr
    September 16, 2019

    positive review  Though my initial thought of going to a Tarot card reader was sceptical, Raaginni made it feel otherwise from the first message itself. Offering the appointment for a day that I would love on even without me asking for it in itself was a positive sign of her authenticity. The whole session made so much sense as it was not only about what was wrong but also about why it was so and the obvious of what to do to get it better. She was patient. So knowledgeable. Thoroughly prepared for the reading, my questions and the to dos after the session. I am very grateful for having met her and for all her help, guidance and the transparency. Not to forget, she is way too economical too. Thanks a million Raaginni. The whole experience was a pleasure.

    Chithra Joseph Singh Avatar Chithra Joseph Singh
    October 5, 2019

    positive review  Raagini is an excellent medium and a tarrot reader. Thanks Raagini for being a friend and a great Therapist. Your advice is very thoughtful and you make me feel happy n satisfied from your suggestions. Friends get predictions about health, wealth, love, n career. Find out what the future holds for you and get the clarity you need. Feel free to like and follow her page.

    Harshada Chandorkar Avatar Harshada Chandorkar
    September 10, 2019
  • positive review  she is accurate with her readings and patient to further clarify queries.

    Nidhi Khemka Avatar Nidhi Khemka
    September 18, 2019

    positive review  Raaginni is a thorough professional who uses her ability in Tarot reading to help people with life situations. I found the engagement with her to be extremely helpful...she was instrumental in guiding me and help address certain life challenges ! I have seen her do wonders with people given her precise and accurate tarot reading. I would highly recommend her for her work !!

    Amit Talwar Avatar Amit Talwar
    September 13, 2019

    positive review  Raagini is excellent reader..the accuracy in her reading actually surprises me the most.iIs very accurate and practical. Also she is bit different from the traditional ones and focuses more on your personal abilities rather than relying on stones etc.I trust her the most.

    Moumita Dey Verma Avatar Moumita Dey Verma
    September 13, 2019
  • positive review  Raaginni is a wonderful tarot card reader and more than that she makes you so comfortable that you then just share all the problems with ease.. she is very very patient and calm and gives ample time which makes you feel satisfied..

    Nidhi Sarawagi Avatar Nidhi Sarawagi
    November 5, 2019

    positive review  Have been getting readings from Raaginni for quite sometime now. And all I can say is that they are bang on accurate. Moreover it's not just the readings but the solutions that she gives are very practical, feasible and very effective. They are like these therapeutic counseling sessions which give you new perspectives and answers to whatever you might be looking for.

    Rashmi Jadhav Avatar Rashmi Jadhav
    September 9, 2019

    positive review  Had wonderful experience. She is very clear, understands clients problem very patiently and responses with complete devotions and accuracy. Thanks for all the help dear.

    Pushpita Sinha Avatar Pushpita Sinha
    September 10, 2019
  • positive review  Raaginni is the best secret weapon advisor of my life ! I had her readings quite often and it has helped me through the hardest time of my life. i highly recommend her 🙂

    Veena Shetty Avatar Veena Shetty
    September 11, 2019

    positive review  Raagini's Tarot reading involves not only an art but a science involving deep scrutiny of a person's psyche covering mind, spirit and soul. Her reading covers not only the entire spectrum of fortune telling but also behavioural facets of human personality and remedies suggested for overcoming shortcomings in life.Likely pattern of education,career choices and measures for boosting the powers of lady luck through prayers,wearing of gem stones,and adoption of specific measures for conquering the pitfalls of life are also recommended. A must for meeting challenges of life. Dora Mukherjee

    Dora Mukherjee Avatar Dora Mukherjee
    September 17, 2019

    positive review  Raaginni is the only Tarot Card reader who had made me believe how accurate Tarot Card readings can be in the hands of a gifted and skilled professional. I am a software engineer and didn't expect her to help in my projects me as she won't know about databases and cloud stacks like AWS. But I was wrong, she has answered my questions in such specific ways that I was left wondering how did she know this. I asked her which database to use in one of my projects, the choices were DynamoDB or Firebase. Both will have a significant amount of work and there is no going back or in technical terms are knows as "one-way" door decision. She used her card to tell me that I should go with AWS DynamoDB as her cards told her that this is the one I have more experience with and this will be the better in terms of cost for my app. And she was absolutely correct as I have years of experience in DynamoDB. I ended up using AWS DynamoDB and it proved really great. I still get surprised by her insights and truly believe every word she has told me. It all has been exactly the way she told me it was going to be.

    Shashank Agarwal Avatar Shashank Agarwal
    September 20, 2019

What is included in the Tarot Reading


3 Questions

In the 3 questions, you can ask me about two other people as well in your life. I will need their full names.


Angel Reading

I used a special deck of cards of Angel Reading. These are messages from your guardian angels.



I will do you numerology as well and share what the numbers say for you.


Full general reading

This reading will give you an overview of the recent past, present and future. This usually covers the next few months.

You can book reading using the calendar below

Charges for a 30 minute reading are INR 2500/-


Most frequent questions and answers

You can use the above calendar to book the relevant reading. You can pay on checkout.

Please check details for each package.

Tarot Reading Package:

  • 1 general reading
  • 1 angel reading
  • 3 questions
  • basic numerology
  • basic astrology

In the 3 questions, you can ask me about two other people as well in your life. I will need their full names. I provide the readings over phone. The questions need to be sent one day in advance of the booking time.

In Astrology + Tarot Package:

– Tarot(3 questions + 1 general reading) 

– Astrology Reading
    – mahadasha reading
– antardasha reading
    – transit reading
    – vedic remedies

Numerology package

– Personal Numerology Chart with fate number & destiny number & lucky number
– Pinnacle number
– Personalized annual reading
– Name analysis & correction
– Business Name Analysis
– Soul urge number

Once you book an appointment, you will get an email to provide more details about the reading & next instructions.

Once I receive your questions I will use a mix of Astrology, Tarot & numerology to answer them.

I will tell you in detail about your charts, alternatives & solutions as well.

I need your questions in advance as I need to study your astrology charts. I also use a combination of Tarot Deck & Tarot spreads to find answers.

I use combination of various methods to find alternatives and provide detailed answers.

In the 3 questions, you can ask me about two other people as well in your life. I will need their full names. I provide the readings over phone. The questions need to be sent one day in advance of the booking time.

To reach out you can send me a message on my Facebook Page:


You can also send me email at contact[at]raaginni.com