Hi, I am Raaginni. I provide Tarot Card services.

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about us.

My name is Raaginni, I am Tarot reader with more than 10 years of experience and have done over 1000 tarot readings.

What is included in the Tarot Reading


3 Questions

In the 3 questions, you can ask me about two other people as well in your life. I will need their full names.


Angel Reading

I used a special deck of cards of Angel Reading. These are messages from your guardian angels.



I will do you numerology as well and share what the numbers say for you.


Full general reading

This reading will give you an overview of the recent past, present and future. This usually covers the next few months.


Pricing Table.

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
1 Question Reading


  • 1 Question
  • General Reading
  • Basic Numerology
  • Angel Reading
3 Question Reading


  • 3 Questions
  • General Reading Files Per Day
  • Numerology
  • Angel Reading
Tarot + Astrology


  • Astro Chart
  • Full Astrology Report
  • 3 Tarot Questions
  • Full Numerology
  • Angel Reading

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How Tarot Works?
Is Tarot magic or science ? a lot of mystery and curiosity surrounds the Tarot . So how does Tarot really work?
Origins of Tarot
There are many theories about the origins of Tarot, (pronounced Ta-row) but no one knows for certain where or how or by whom the cards were developed.

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